Wedding Party

Photos of our wedding party

  • Best Man
    Nissan Shoykhet
    Friend of Groom
  • Maid of Honor
    Amy Jordan
    Friend of Bride
  • Officiant
    Gary Lupyan
    Friend of Bride and Groom
  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
    Anna and Caleb Schultz
    Children of Friend of Bride


San-San-Kudo Officiants

  • Yuko Tanikawa
    Aunt of Groom
  • Yasuhiko Kuroda
    Cousin of Groom

The San-San-Kudo (三々九度) is a Japanese wedding ceremony. It originates from Shinto rites, but remains a popular aspect of modern Japanese wedding ceremonies.

“San-San-Kudo” literally means “three times three, nine times”. During this ceremony, the bride and groom take turns sipping sake from three cups of increasing size.

The bride sips three times from the smallest cup, then the groom sips three times from the middle cup, and then the bride sips three more times from the largest cup.

At the end of the ceremony, the parents of the bride and groom stand and share sake together. The sharing of sake bonds the bride, groom, and their families together.

Photos of the San-San-Kudo